Minos 2015 Presentations

Minos 2015 was held at Birmingham City University on April 18th/19th 2015. Following its traditional pattern, the Saturday saw a diverse range of talks and presentation on subjects relating to small robotics.

Here’s how the schedule worked out: Continue reading

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Minos 2015 – contest roundup photos

Here are the pictures I used to illustrate the contest roundup at Minos15. Each has a small story to tell or point to make. Ask if you want to know what it is. See the Pictures

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UK Micromouse 2015 – Decimus 4

At the 2015 UK Micromouse contest on Saturday, I ran the latest revision of Decimus 4. I will call this one D4DR1. It really is about time I built a new mouse though.  Find out how it ran

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Schools Micromouse Competition Report 2015

The 2015 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse competition took place on Saturday 27th June as part of the TechFest event at the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham. Read All About It

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UK Micromouse 2015 Results

The 2015 UK Techfest was held at Birmingham City University, Millennium Point on Saturday June 27. With a huge range of contests and entries, there was plenty to keep the robot enthusiast busy all day. Here are the results for the maze-based events:

Continue reading

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Group Purchase of Faulhaber Motors

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we will not be able to arrange a group purchase after all. Sorry for any inconvenience.

It may be possible to arrange a group purchase of Faulhaber motors. The exact model would be 1717T003SR with IE2-512 encoder. If enough people were interested, the price could come down to about £95 per motor. Pretty good for these motors. If you wanted to join in, send me a message and tell me how many you would want. If numbers are high enough, we will firm up the details. The total order needs to be for at least 20 motors.

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Birmingham City University Techfest 2015

Birmingham City University are set to run their fifth annual Techfest at the City Centre Campus, Millenium Point, Birmingham. On Saturday 27 June 2015, the University will be host to a celebration of technology, engineering and science. Continue reading

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All America Micromouse Contest 2015

IF you are anywhere near UCLA on Sunday, you should check out the 2015 All America Micromouse Contest.  This is their 3rd event and takes place on Sunday May 10th.

All are welcome. You do not have to be a student at UCLA – or anywhere else. Even if you don’t have a robot, just go and watch. You will be impressed.

Full details at http://ieeebruins.org/about/competitions/all-america-micromouse-2015/

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Minos 2015 Schedule

Just a couple of days to Minos 2015 and I have a provisional timetable for the Saturday:

10:30 Registration and Coffee
10:50 _________________________________
11:00 Welcome and Administrivia
11:10 David Otten
11:20 - Lessons from Jehu
11:30 _________________________________
11:40 Bernard Grabowski
11:50 - Cel Robox 3D printer
12:00 _________________________________
12:10 Peter Harrison
12:20 - Contest Roundup
12:30 _________________________________
12:40 Lunch
13:20 _________________________________
13:30 Duncan Louttit
13:40 - Duncan's EFT
13:50 _________________________________
14:00 Stephen Pithouse
14:10 - Line Follower Data analysis
14:20 Ian Butterworth
14:30 - Starting up In Maze Solving
14:40 _________________________________
14:50 Ken Hewitt
15:00 - This and That
15:10 Peter Harrison
15:20 - Generating Smooth Turns
15:30 _________________________________
15:40 Break
15:50 _________________________________
16:00 Bernard Grobowski/Chris Balmforth
16:10 - 3D printing follow-up
16:20 _________________________________
16:30 Harjit Singh
16:40 - Micromouse Software Design
17:00 _________________________________

Nothing is finalised so any suggestions are welcome. We can decide on evening/Sunday arrangements during Saturday.

For full details of the venue see my previous post.


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Minos 2015

Minos 2015 will soon be upon us. Minos will again be run with the support of Birmingham City University at Millennium Point in Birmingham on April 18th and April 19th. Minos is still the event for catching up with goings on in the world of micromouse and small robots. Get the details

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