Group Purchase of Faulhaber Motors

By | May 22, 2015

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we will not be able to arrange a group purchase after all. Sorry for any inconvenience.

It may be possible to arrange a group purchase of Faulhaber motors. The exact model would be 1717T003SR with IE2-512 encoder. If enough people were interested, the price could come down to about £95 per motor. Pretty good for these motors. If you wanted to join in, send me a message and tell me how many you would want. If numbers are high enough, we will firm up the details. The total order needs to be for at least 20 motors.

2 thoughts on “Group Purchase of Faulhaber Motors

  1. ERC Robotika

    i need a motor dc for my picomouse project, what’s the model or type of motors that i should use to this project ?

  2. Peter Harrison Post author

    That is a very difficult question. How big and how heavy is the mouse? How fast do you want it to go? How much acceleration do you need? Do you have encoders already?

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