UK contest rules change

By | April 21, 2019

At the 2019 Minos conference in April, the UK Micromouse and Robotics Society (UKMARS) agreed revisions to the rules governing its contests. Many of these changes were minor, to reflect the common practice that has been observed for several years. Some were more significant and are intended to bring the event up to date.

The most significant changes are for the UK Micromouse contest. This affects both the full size (classic) contest and the half-size contest. For these, UKMARS have decided to adopt a translation of the current Japanese rules for these events. There are minor changes to some details but, for practical purposes, the scoring for both contests is the same. There will no longer be a search penalty and the scoring is based only on the fastest run of each robot.

You can see all the current rule sets here:

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