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PWM basics on the STM32 general purpose timers

The STM32 Family processors include general purpose timers that have a nice PWM function that can handle four channels of independently controlled duty cycles. In this article I will look at how to set these up for basic use suitable … Continue reading

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clock pulses with variable phase on STM32

The CCRx registers can be set to directly produce regular clock pulses on one or more of the output pins. Square waves are especially simple and up to four channels can have variable phase relationships.

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TIM3 Output Compare on the STM32 Family

TIM3 is a general purpose timer found on all the STM32 family processors. Among other features, it has four capture compare channels that can be used to generate regular interrupts. In this article I will show you how to set … Continue reading

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TIM3 ARR Gives Regular Interrupts on the STM32F4

The simplest way to produce regular interrupts from a timer like TIM3 on the STM32 family of processors is to set up the Auto Reload Register (ARR) to generate an update event. This article shows you how to correctly set up … Continue reading

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TIM3 on the STM32 – an introduction

Timer 3 (TIM3) on the STM32 series of processors is one of only two timers present on all the processors in the range. Understanding this timer forms a good basis for all the other STM32 timers Continue reading

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Basic systick configuration on the STM32

The ARM cortex processors all come with a systick timer that is part of the core and so should be present on any ARM cortex. This timer is very useful for producing the main system event clock. Here I will show … Continue reading

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ARM Cortex Guide updated with Cortex M4

Joseph Yiu has updated The Definitive Guide to ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 Processors to includes details about the M4, including the floating point operations available. With more than 12 years experience with ARM processors, FPGAs and System on a chip … Continue reading

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Build a mini ST-LINK/V2 programmer/debugger for the STM32

I enjoy working with the STM32 processors. They are easy to use, powerful and cheap and there are lots of options for developing code. One minor annoyance is the question of a programmer.

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An STM32F4 Project Template for Crossworks

When developing for the STM32F4, setting up a new project can be a pain. Without some kind of wizard or configuration tool, there are always loads of obscure settings that have to me made each time. The easiest way around … Continue reading

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An Improved Bit Banding Approach

The commonly published approach to using the bit banding feature of the Cortex Mx family of processors is to use macros – see Bit Banding in the STM32. This post describes an alternate implementation that uses a dedicated RAM section … Continue reading

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