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Group Purchase of Faulhaber Motors

It may be possible to arrange a group purchase of Faulhaber motors. The exact model would be 1717T003SR with IE2-512 encoder. If enough people were interested, the price could come down to about £95 per motor. Pretty good for these motors. … Continue reading

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Birmingham City University Techfest 2015

Birmingham City University are set to run their fifth annual Techfest at the City Centre Campus, Millenium Point, Birmingham. On Saturday 27 June 2015, the University will be host to a celebration of technology, engineering and science.

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All America Micromouse Contest 2015

IF you are anywhere near UCLA on Sunday, you should check out the 2015 All America Micromouse Contest.  This is their 3rd event and takes place on Sunday May 10th. All are welcome. You do not have to be a … Continue reading

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Minos 2015 Schedule

Just a couple of days to Minos 2015 and I have a provisional timetable for the Saturday: 10:30 Registration and Coffee 10:40 10:50 _________________________________ 11:00 Welcome and Administrivia 11:10 David Otten 11:20 – Lessons from Jehu 11:30 _________________________________ 11:40 Bernard … Continue reading

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Minos 2015

Minos 2015 will soon be upon us. Minos will again be run with the support of Birmingham City University at Millennium Point in Birmingham on April 18th and April 19th. Minos is still the event for catching up with goings … Continue reading

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The Art of Electronics – Third Edition

Huge excitement here. Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill are publishing a third edition of their classic book “The Art of Electronics”. Possibly the best electronics text book in the world, my copy of the second edition is one of my … Continue reading

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2014 All Japan Micromouse Results

The New Technology Foundation have published the detailed results of the 35th All Japan Micromouse tournament held at Tokyo Polytechnic Atsugi Campus on November 23rd 2014. There you will find tables of all the entries with their finish positions … Continue reading

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All Japan Micromouse 2014 pictures

I have a Flickr album of images from the 2014 All Japan Micromouse contest here:

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All Japan Micromouse Contest 2014

This year marked the 35th All Japan Micromouse contest and my sixth visit to Japan. My hopes were high following some small success at earlier events this year but, in Japan, the competition is stiff.

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2014 Japan Micromouse Live Streaming

In the final stages of preparation for the All Japan Micromouse contest here. Leaving at half past too early tomorrow, I should be there for Thursday morning. For those of you who want to stay up late – or early … Continue reading

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