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USBasp on the Mac

The USBasp AVR programmer arrived today so I lost no time connecting it up to give it a try. This is a clever little beast that uses a software USB stack on a pre-programmed ATMEGA8 processor. It works directly with AVRdude to program your target processor with the minimum of fuss.

AVR, Eclipse and the Mac

AVRMacPack works well enough in Xcode but I don’t understand Xcode so I wen looking for an alternative. While trawling through back issues of SERVO magazine, I came across a pair of articles by Dennis Clarke about setting up Eclipse with AVRMacPack and the avr-eclipse plugin. One of my recurring mistakes is the feeling that… Read More »

AVRMacPack and Xcode

The AVRmacpack for AVR development on the Apple Mac contains command line tools. These are all well and good if you want to do things the traditional way with text editors, terminal windows and make files. No real problem. However, if you want the benefits of a modern IDE with things like function lists and… Read More »