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Microchip MPLAB moving to NetBeans

It seems that the next big thing for MPLAB, Microchip’s IDE, is going to be a move to NetBeans. MPLAB is, mostly, a pretty good place to develop embedded software for the Microchip PIC processors. All the variants from the … Continue reading

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dsPIC serial ports

In general the dsPIC is well blessed with peripherals. The dsPIC30F6015 I am using at the moment has two serial ports in addition to a couple of SPI ports and an I2C port. These UARTs seem pretty easy to use … Continue reading

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Integer promotion in C30

I was having a browse through the book ‘Programming 16-bit Microcontrollers in C. Learning to Fly the PIC24‘ by Lucio wholesale jerseys Di Jasio.Leaving aside for now the tendency for authors to use overlong titles, there seems to me some … Continue reading

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