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Micromouse sensors aligned the easy way

An essential part of setting up a new mouse is the proper alignment of the sensors.  You micromouse sensors must have the emitters pointing exactly where you want them to and the detectors have to be aligned to get the … Continue reading

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Flexible shields for micromouse sensors

Micromouse sensors need shielding to work at their best. Here we are going to show you how to make a simple, flexible light shield for your micromouse sensors that will cut down the effect of ambient light and reduce leakage … Continue reading

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Great Online Circuit Simulator Site

Designing electronic circuits takes knowledge and experience. Sooner or later, you have to put your idea to the test. Generally, this means building a prototype. Even with the best circuit simulator software, you ended up with unfriendly or expensive products. … Continue reading

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GCC ARM Embedded Toolset

If you are taking the DIY approach to coding for the ARM processors, you probably use the GCC ARM embedded toolset. This is available from a number of places. I just came across another distribution of this ARM toolset. One … Continue reading

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Temperature and Voltage Variation of Ceramic Capacitors

You almost ceratainly have ceramic capacitors in your micromouse or other project. Are you sure you have them properly specified? Are they actually providing the value that you think they should be?

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PCB Grounding Tutorial

Maxim Integrated have a bunch of really good tutorial information on their website. This one, on PCB grounding in mixed signal designs caught my eye. Concerns over the performance of the ADC in my new micromouse, D4, have made me … Continue reading

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Centre of Mass for Decimus4

A while ago, I posted a way to calculate the position of the centre of mass of your micromouse. One or two people wondered why I might care so much. A couple of calculations with Decimus 4 illustrated why it … Continue reading

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Stub Axles and Superglue

Good, free running wheels are an essential part of the drive train on your micromouse. Not only is there little point in wasting power driving inefficient wheels but it is important to make both sides as similar as possible to … Continue reading

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Printed Wheels Complete Decimus Mechanicals

Pretty well everything is ready now to put together Decimus 4 – my latest micromouse. The last part to be done was the wheels. While I had the materials and the tools to make these, I certainly didn’t have the … Continue reading

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Determine STM32 reset source

When your STM32 processor starts up from a reset, there are a number of possible sources for that reset. You may want to perform different initialisations depending on the exact source of the reset.

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