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2014 All America Micromouse Competition

On Sunday May 4th 2014, the University of California, Los Angeles will be hosting the 2nd Annual All America Micromouse Competition. The venue is the UCLA campus at Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles. Entry is free and there are cash prizes … Continue reading

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APEC 2014

In a first for me, the APEC 2014 micromouse contest returned to a previous venue. This year we were back at the Fort Worth Convention Centre, Fort Worth, Texas. Since my last visit, I discovered a number of interesting things … Continue reading

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Minos 2014

Minos 2014 will soon be upon us. This year, we have a change of venue. Minos will be run with the support of Birmingham City University at Millennium Point in Birmingham on April 26th and April 27th. Only the place … Continue reading

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A Simple Micromouse Design for Middle and High School Students as Well as Hobbyists

For years Michael Backus taught students to build and program LEGO robots at the Alaska Summer Research Academy. He eventually began taking students on field trips to look at Steven Kibler’s micromouse. As a computer engineering student, Steven explained that … Continue reading

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All Japan Micromouse 2013 Results and Prize Lists Published

The New Technology Foundation organises the All Japan Micromouse Tournament. They have now published the results and prizewinners list for the 34th event held at the Nagareyama Continuing Education Center Venue in 2013. Results: Prizes: Thanks again to all … Continue reading

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Micromouse uses a camera to solve maze

The 2013 All Japan Micromouse Contest saw what I believe was a world first. That is – a micromouse used a camera to look at the entire maze, map all the walls and then perform a speed run straight to … Continue reading

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All Japan Micromouse Contest 2013

The 34th All Japan Micromouse Contest was held at Nagareyama City Lifelong Learning Centre on November 23rd and 24th 2013. This was my fifth visit to this event – arguably the World Championships for the micromouse contest. Incoming search terms:all … Continue reading

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Japan 2013 Live Streaming

If you cannot be there for the 2013 All Japan Micromouse contest, then you will be able to watch it through live streaming from Nicovideo Visual Solutions. Details here:

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Japan 2013 preparation

In about 48 hours, I will be on a plane heading once more for Japan to take part in the 2013 All Japan micromouse contest. Pretty well all my micromouse preparation is done. At the contest in Birmingham on Saturday, … Continue reading

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BCU Robofest 2013 report

Birmingham City University hosted BCU RoboFest – the November robotics event in Birmingham for micromouse and other autonomous robots – on Saturday November 16th as a part of its open day. The day was a great success. As well as … Continue reading

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