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Vancouver Micromouse Contest

If you find yourself anywhere near Vancouver around Jun 11-12 2016, call in at the Vancouver Mini Maker Fair where Marginally Clever Robots is hosting a contest. There will be plenty to see and several classes of robot contest. Get … Continue reading

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APEC 2016 Micromouse Contest Results and Video

The 2016 APEC micromouse contest was held at the Long Beach Convention Center, California on March 21st. A total of twelve mice took part with entries from around the globe. Here is a summary of the results and a look at … Continue reading

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All Japan Micromouse 2015 Pictures

Some pictures from the All Japan Micromouse contest 2015.

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All-Japan Micromouse 2015 Finals

The All Japan Micromouse 2015 contest was held in Hon-Atsugi this weekend. Get all the details here. Continue reading

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All Japan Micromouse 2015 qualifiers

Saturday is qualifying day for the All Japan Micromouse contest. Year on year, the contest continues to grow and the challenge is ever greater. Find out who gets through to the finals here.

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Micromouse Sensor Design

Selecting the best micromouse sensor design is a study in electronics, physics, geometry, maths and coding. Here I will look at some of the design considerations for the sensors in the next iteration of my micromouse.

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Minos 2015 Presentations

Minos 2015 was held at Birmingham City University on April 18th/19th 2015. Following its traditional pattern, the Saturday saw a diverse range of talks and presentation on subjects relating to small robotics. Here’s how the schedule worked out:

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Minos 2015 – contest roundup photos

Here are the pictures I used to illustrate the contest roundup at Minos15. Each has a small story to tell or point to make. Ask if you want to know what it is.

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UK Micromouse 2015 – Decimus 4

At the 2015 UK Micromouse contest on Saturday, I ran the latest revision of Decimus 4. I will call this one D4DR1. It really is about time I built a new mouse though. 

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Schools Micromouse Competition Report 2015

The 2015 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse competition took place on Saturday 27th June as part of the TechFest event at the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham.

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