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Robot Cyclist

There is a long-held view that robots will, or should, exist to relieve human from the drudgery of everyday life. They should be used for tasks too tedious, or too dangerous for humans to perform. Now, at last, both goals have been achieved in one robot…

Dennis Ritchie obituary

The American computer scientist Dennis Ritchie, who has died aged 70 after a long illness, was one of the co-inventors of the Unix operating system and the C programming language. Unix and C provided the infrastructure software and tools that created much of today’s computing environment – from the internet to smartphones – and so… Read More »

Site Rebuild

Having had enough of the pain of posting in Drupal I have moved the site back to WordPress. There will probably be a bit of random alteration going on for a bit until I tire of the novelty. A major change is the separating out of the forum to a different subdomain. the old link… Read More »

New camera time

Updated my camera today. The Casio Exilim EX-FH100 is a newer version of the EX-FC100. It does everything the older one did and then adds a few more features. Oh, and it is black. Somehow, that makes it better just for that reason.

Imperial College Robot Team aims for Eurobot

Imperial College are intending to field a team in the Eurobot competition in May 2010. On their public blog they are busy providing interesting updates on their progress. For those not familiar with Eurobot, this is a large, international amateur robotics contest that has been running since 1998. Find out more about Eurobot here:… Read More »

A new day dawns

After several weeks playing with a MacBook, I have become a bit of a Mac convert. Not only are the machines very pleasing and the operating system a relative delight to use, I can also run Windows on it for that ‘best of both worlds’ experience.