TIM3 Output Compare on the STM32 Family

TIM3 is a general purpose timer found on all the STM32 family processors. Among other features, it has four capture compare channels that can be used to generate regular interrupts. In this article I will show you how to set up simple interrupt events based on these features. Continue reading

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TIM3 ARR Gives Regular Interrupts on the STM32F4

The simplest way to produce regular interrupts from a timer like TIM3 on the STM32 family of processors is to set up the Auto Reload Register (ARR) to generate an update event. This article shows you how to correctly set up the clock source, prescaler and ARR to get regular events over a wide range of frequencies. Continue reading

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TIM3 on the STM32 – an introduction

Timer 3 (TIM3) is a general purpose 16 bit timer found on every processor in the STM32 range. It is very flexible with a wide range of features. Many of these features are also present in other STM32 timers so familiarity with TIM3 means that you can get going with any STM32 processor and build knowledge that will be useful for all the other timer types. Continue reading

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Basic systick configuration on the STM32

The ARM cortex processors all come with a systick timer that is part of the core and so should be present on any ARM cortex. This timer is very useful for producing the main system event clock. Here I will show you how to set it up on the STM32F4xx processors to generate an interrupt every millisecond. Continue reading

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Minos 2016 Advance Notice

Minos 2016 is announced! Minos will once more be run with the support of Birmingham City University at Millennium Point in Birmingham. Tis year’s event will be on April 16th and April 17th. Minos is still the event for catching up with goings on in the world of micromouse and small robots. Get the details

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All Japan Micromouse 2015 Pictures

Some pictures from the All Japan Micromouse contest 2015. Continue reading

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All-Japan Micromouse 2015 Finals

Taking part in the finals of the all Japan micromouse contest can be a nerve-wracking experience. One Japanese contestant, whom I had barely spoken with before, and whom I thought was a certainty for a good place just walked up to me and said “I am so very nervous. I feel pain in my stomach”. He was far from alone. Continue reading

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All Japan Micromouse 2015 qualifiers

Saturday is qualifying day for the All Japan Micromouse contest. Year on year, the contest continues to grow and the challenge is ever greater. Find out who gets through to the finals here. Continue reading

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IET Robot Triathlon

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) is holding a robot triathlon event in Derby on March 12th 2016. There are three event classes – Line Followers, Time Trials and a Drag Race. The contest is open to individuals, school and student groups.

For full details see the IET events site.

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Micromouse Sensor Design

Selecting the best micromouse sensor design is a study in electronics, physics, geometry, maths and coding. Here I will look at some of the design considerations for the sensors in the next iteration of my micromouse. find out more

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