UK Micromouse – Autumn 2017

By | October 16, 2017

The Autumn event this year will be held at the Hazlemere Community centre. Doors open for competitors at 09:30 and all are welcome. If you can get there to help set up at 09:00, that would be great.

Lunch will be around 1pm and we expect to be done by around 4pm with just the clearing away to worry about. There will also be an opportunity to discuss Minos and next year’s summer contest.

Solver heats and practice will take place during the day

The proposed running order is:

  • Ratification
  • Line Follower Contests
  • Drag Racing
  • Wall Following
  • Micromouse Maze Solvers

The venue is here:

Bring your robot or just come to watch. Either way, it will be a great day.


Winter is Coming

By | July 11, 2017

In the past, we have run a November Robotics event at Birmingham City University. It seems that will no longer be possible but there is still a desire to have a late autumn event.  The event will have micromouse as its centrepiece but is likely to include line-follower, wall-follower and drag race events as well as any others that you want to run.

This year, it will be held in the Hazlemere Community Centre on November 4th. Full details later. Meantime, the new event needs a name. Some suggestions have been made – not all of them, I presume, serious.

Here is your chance to make your mark. Make a suggestion of your own or vote for one of those already made. the judges decision will be final. If we can find some judges.

Remember: Vote Early, Vote Often.


Vote for or Suggest a name for the November Robot contest formerly known as RoboFest
  • UK Micromouse - Autumn 2xxx 53%, 8 votes
    8 votes 53%
    8 votes - 53% of all votes
  • NovoBot 33%, 5 votes
    5 votes 33%
    5 votes - 33% of all votes
  • The Autumn-o-mouse Robot Trial* 13%, 2 votes
    2 votes 13%
    2 votes - 13% of all votes
Total Votes: 15
Voters: 14
July 11, 2017 - July 28, 2017
* - added by visitor
Voting is closed

You may vote for up to three choices and/or add your own.
You can also come back and change your mind later when a more cool suggestion is made so check back.
And no, Robot McBotFace will not be chosen. For anything.

© Kama


Find the rotation centre for your robot

By | June 12, 2017

A robot like the micromouse needs to be able to make accurate, repeatable and stable turns. The rotation centre is the point about the robot will turn in place. For a two-wheeled robot, it should be halfway between the two contact patches. If it is not, the turns will leave the robot out of position. Here I will show you how to accurately find the centre of rotation. Continue reading

Micromouse Portuguese Contest 2017

By | May 8, 2017

The Micromouse Portuguese Contest 2017 will take place in Gondomar on 20th of May 2017. Last year’s event, held in Agueda, near Porto, was excellent and I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to take part. This year, the venue has moved to Gondomar – also near Porto.

I will be taking part as will Taiwanese entrants  Cai Xin-Han, with his mouse Diu-Gow 4, and Chao-Wei Chen, running Edumouse. Diu-Gow 4 is fan assisted and has recently won in Japan and America. It will be an exciting contest. Find out more at