Diagonal paths for a micromouse using a state machine

To get the shortest possible run times, a micromouse must be able to make full use of diagonal paths. By running a diagonal, slow, tricky turns are avoided and the distance is much less. No competitive micromouse can ignore diagonals. Find out how to generate diagonal paths

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Smooth pathfinding with a state machine

A competitive micromouse must run a path made up of smooth turns rather than stopping for in-place turns. For novice builders of micromouse, this can seem a difficult task. Here is a method for creating a smooth path using data from flooding the maze. Find out how

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State Machines – an Introduction

State machines are very useful tools in any computer system. They make it easy to visualise and solve all kinds of problems. Any small robot is likely to have a use for several state machines. This introduction looks at some basic types of state machine and an easy way to implement them.  Find out how to use them

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Minos 2014 report

On April 26th 2014, Birmingham City University was host to the 14th annual Minos event. The change of venue brought a number of advantages but otherwise, the weekend followed the usual format of talks and lectures on the Saturday and contest on the Sunday. Find out more about Minos 2014

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LiPo charger and serial interface combined

Travelling to contests is great. Except for the bits and pieces that you need to lug around. For several years I have used a smart charger for my LiPo batteries. It is a fine charger but bulky. Along with its mains power supply it is about the size of a large laptop charger and needs several cables to join together. I decided to make a smaller, portable charging solution. Continue reading

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2014 All America Micromouse Competition

On Sunday May 4th 2014, the University of California, Los Angeles will be hosting the 2nd Annual All America Micromouse Competition. The venue is the UCLA campus at Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles. Entry is free and there are cash prizes to be won. To sign up, or find out more, visit the contest home page.

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APEC 2014

In a first for me, the APEC 2014 micromouse contest returned to a previous venue. This year we were back at the Fort Worth Convention Centre, Fort Worth, Texas. Since my last visit, I discovered a number of interesting things to do in the area and was looking forward to the return visit. Of course, it is never that easy. Find out why

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Minos 2014

Minos 2014 will soon be upon us. This year, we have a change of venue. Minos will be run with the support of Birmingham City University at Millennium Point in Birmingham on April 26th and April 27th. Only the place has changed. Minos is still the event for catching up with goings on in the world of micromouse and small robots. Get the details

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A Simple Micromouse Design for Middle and High School Students as Well as Hobbyists

For years Michael Backus taught students to build and program LEGO robots at the Alaska Summer Research Academy. He eventually began taking students on field trips to look at Steven Kibler’s micromouse. As a computer engineering student, Steven explained that in order to build and program a micromouse students need to take several engineering and computer science classes. Naturally, Michael went home and began work on a LEGO robot capable of solving a maze. Unfortunately, it could not fit in a micromouse maze and was needlessly expensive. Continue reading

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ARM Cortex Guide updated with Cortex M4

Joseph Yiu has updated The Definitive Guide to ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 Processors to includes details about the M4, including the floating point operations available. With more than 12 years experience with ARM processors, FPGAs and System on a chip technologies, Yiu guides you through all aspects of these exciting processors.

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