BCU Robofest 2014

On little more than a promise, robot builders gathered once more at Birmingham City University for the autumn contest known as Robofest. It was good to see some new faces and significant progress from a number of more established builders. Continue reading

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Vintage micromouse video

It seems that Derek Hall has been trawling through his old micromouse video and come up with some fascinating footage from1989 and 1990. The videos include some very rare footage of classic mice including MITEE III, MITEE VI, Supermouse, Enterprise and Thezeus.

If you know anything about any of these mice – particularly the names of unidentified mice and the identities of the builder, please leave a comment.

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BCU Robofest 2014 Provisional Date

Keep your diary open for November 15th 2014. The date has now been provisionally set for the annual BCU Robofest event held at Millenium Point, Birmingham by Birmingham City University. There will be a number of competitions that test the skills of designers and the performance of their robots. The event is open to all ages and all skill levels – spectators are welcome.

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Taiwan micromouse 2014

It is hard to believe that I have just visited Taiwan for the fifth time. After a couple of fairly unimpressive performances at the last couple of Taiwan micromouse contests, I was determined to do better and there have been a lot of improvements to Decimus4B. find out more

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Exploration tune up

Exploration is a critical task for a micromouse. The maze must be explored quickly, thoroughly and without error. Any mistakes made during exploration are likely to completely ruin your chances in any of the contests where there are search time or mouse handling penalties. In the Japan event, you don’t get very long in the first place so wasting time by restarting the exploration is not good. Find out more

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Techfest 2014 Contest results

Here are the results summaries for the maze-based contests at Techfest 2014, held on June 28th at Millennium Point by Birmingham City University.  Continue reading

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UK Micromouse 2014

The 2014 UK micromouse contest took place on Saturday 28th June at Birmingham City University as part of their Techfest event. Last year the results were dominated by a small number of Chinese mice. With eight Chinese entries this year, how would the local entries fare? Continue reading

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Schools Micromouse Competition Report 2014

The 2014 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse competition took place on Saturday 28th June as part of the TechFest event at the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham. This was the seventh year that the event has been hosted in Birmingham and the number of competitors registered reached a new high of 27. Continue reading

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Travelling a bumpy road with a micromouse

My micromouse generates a lot of data. I log speeds, sensor readings, motor controller parameters. All sorts of things. Often that data just makes me worry. Most recently, I was noticing that there were some large variances at speed. Find out what they are

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Birmingham City University Techfest 2014

All is set for the fourth annual Techfest at Birmingham City University. On Saturday 28 June 2014, the University will be host to a celebration of technology, engineering and science.

As with previous events there will be a variety of activities during the day which is expected to include robotics contests for mini-sumo, line-followers, wall-followers, drag-racers and, of course, the UK international micromouse contest.

Students will have projects on display and there will be support from professional bodies and commercial sponsors. Rapid Electronics will be displaying the Aldeberan Nao robot which simply has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Ask it to sing you a song.

You can find out more about the Nao robot on Rapid’s dedicated Aldebaran Nao pages

You can get full details and register for the contests (it is free) at the Birmingham City University Techfest site:



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