Maze File Archive

Over the years, I have collected a good number of micromouse mazes. Some of these are from previous contests, some are just odd test mazes. All are for the 16×16 classic micromouse contest and all are, as far as I know, legitimate mazes with a valid start cell and goal area. Here is a link to the archives collection.
Read about the file format and grab the archive

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Disaster averted or delayed?

A bit of routine maintenance on the maze code for my micromouse turned into a possible real problem that has been waiting to surface for years now. In spite of running much the same flooding and path generating code since my first successful mouse many years back, I now discover it could have failed on complex mazes. Continue reading

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2016 Taiwan Micromouse Contest

The 2016 Taiwan Micromouse and Intelligent Robot Contest was held on September 11th at Lung Hua University and I was there. I won’t bore you with the whole travelogue. Just some of it. Here are the results to start off. Continue reading

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Sad News From Japan

It is with great sadness that I pass on the news of the passing of Hirofumi Tashiro. Today I received this message from Yuki Nakagawa:

We have to inform you really sad news about Mr.Tashiro passed away yesterday after a long fight with cancer.

Mr.Tashiro was a longtime organizer and father of Micromouse and Japanese robot community.

It was Mr. Tashiro’s wish that his remains be cremated. Plans for a memorial service are being made and will be announced in web (Japanese mainly.)

If you have message for him, pls send e-mail to
I will show print of your message to him if you sent until 17:00 4th Aug.

Mr Tashiro was the person who, in 2009, first invited me to Japan. It is thanks to him that I was able to make so many friends from around the world at the All Japan Micromouse Contest and to enjoy so many new experiences. I am forever in his debt. He will be greatly missed.

IMG_4055 IMG_4007 IMG_4048IMG_4059 IMG_6219-jc P1010255 P1010275 P1010276

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Portugal Micromouse 2016 Gallery

Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to Portugal

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Portugal Micromouse Contest 2016

Last weekend, I was in Portugal taking part in the 2016 Portugal Micromouse Contest held in Aqueda. What a weekend! I met a bunch of great people, got to catch up with Ng Beng Kiat and managed first place. It doesn’t get much better. Continue reading

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Techfest 2016 – UK Micromouse Contest

The UK micromouse contest took place on June 25th in Birmingham. The venue was slightly different with the event being located in Birmingham City University’s new Curzon building. Read on for the results of the contest. Continue reading

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Techfest 2016 Schools micromouse contest

The 2016 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse competition took place on Saturday 25th June hosted by Birmingham City University as part of the TechFest event. We had a change of venue this year and were accommodated in the modern and spacious facilities of the newly built Curzon building on the BCU City Centre Campus. Continue reading

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Techfest 2016 location update

The UK TechFest 2016 will be held by Birmingham City University this coming weekend on June 25th. Please note that the exact location is not the one you may remember. This year it will be held in the Curzon Building, room C087.

You can find maps for the site and the Curzon building here: BCU City Centre Campus
The campus map is at here.
The building plan is here.


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Portuguese Micromouse Contest 2016

There is an international micromouse contest in Portugal on July 16-17th – and I am going to be there!

find out all about it

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