There’s your problem!

The most recent version of the Decimus 4 chassis runs reasonably well and, with the test release of the Decimus 5 Software it is more clever (I hope) than ever. However, it still can’t corner as well as I had hoped. Find out why

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2016 All Japan Micromouse Contest – full entry details

When entering for the All Japan Micromouse contest, you have to enter a whole bunch of details about your mouse – number of wheels, types of motor, motor driver, sensor devices, gyro, CAD software. It goes on and on. I always wondered what happened to that information. This year it has been published along with all the run times and other mouse details. Tricky if Japanese is not your first language but I am sure you will figure it all out:

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2016 All Japan Micromouse Contest – Official Results

The official results, run times and maze/track details are now available at:

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All Japan Micromouse Contest 2016

At the end of another All Japan Micromouse contest, there is plenty to look back on and lots of ideas for the future. The tide is definitely changing for the classic micromouse contest and probably also for the half-size. Fans of all kinds are everywhere. Continue reading

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Robofest 2016 results

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the 2016 Birmingham City University Robofest held on November 12th. It looks like plenty of others could though. David Hannaford has kindly sent me the results.

The Maze

the maze for the final contest was 11×11 and had a single practical path to the goal with a length of about 9.3m.


Line follower.
Junior and senior class results

Posn Mouse name Best time Class Mouse Owner
1 Bzal 12.24 Senior Stephen Pitthouse
2 Wham — 15.15 Senior Bernard Grabowski
3 Advent 15.56 Junior Miko
4 Wham 15.90 Senior Bernard Grabowski
5 Tobor 17.56 Junior Lasen Wanni Arachchige
6 Wham + 18.57 Senior Duncan Loutitt
7 Asymouse 28.91 Senior Ian Buttorworth
8 Kestastic 29.22 Senior David Hannaford
The entries below competed in the heats only on a shorter course
Nanobot V2 15.20 Junior Liam Soutter
Cyber Monotony 26.92 Junior Daniel Paulo

Drag Race – knock out competition.
Junior and senior class results

Posn Mouse name Best time Class Mouse Owner
1 Wham — 5.32 Senior Bernard Grabowski
2 Nanobot V2 11.35 Junior Liam Soutter
3 Tobor 5.83 Junior Lasen Wanni Arachchige
4 Kestastic 13.77 Senior David Hannaford
The entries below did not manage to complete the course
Bzal Stephen Pitthouse
Advent Miko

Non-contact wall follower.
Junior and senior class results

Posn Mouse name Run time Touches Score Class Mouse Owner
1 Leo 32.73 0 32.73 Senior Bernard Grabowski
2 Wham + 41.15 0 41.15 Senior Duncan Loutitt
3 E-Rat-Ic 44.77 0 44.77 Senior David Hannaford
4 Quad-Rat-ic 55.67 2 61.67 Senior David Hannaford
5 Freda 66.14 0 66.14 Senior Ian Butterworth
6 Tobor 50.48 11 83.48 Junior Lasen Wanni Arachchige
7 Kitty 88.55 1 91.55 Senior Martin Barrett
8 Kaasjager 102.96 0 102.96 Senior Coen Roos

Maze solver.
Seniors only competing

Posn Mouse name Run time Touches Score Fastest run First run Class Mouse Owner
1 Fat Cat 3C 7.96 1 16.82 7.45 28.68 Senior Tim Foden
2 Mouse X 10.15 1 17.46 10.15 36.17 Senior Derek Hall
3 Mouse X2 10.5 1 19.13 10.45 48.67 Senior Derek Hall
4 FAB1 8.93 1 19.44 8.93 36.68 Senior Derek Hall
5 Isambard II 23.6 0 26.89 23.6 56.35 Senior Martin Barrett
6 PIC one Turbo 18.9 1 29.89 18.9 44.12 Senior Jim Chidley
7 PIC One 27.64 0 30.93 27.64 54.98 Senior Jim Chidley
8 Freda 34.39 0 40.5 34.39 65.85 Senior Ian Butterworth
9 Kaasjager 37.91 1 51.09 37.91 94.26 Senior Coen Roos


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IET Triathlon 2017

The Robot triathlon is back for 2017 and this year we informing you early so that you can begin building your robots!

We are planning on hosting the Robot Triathlon 2017 on the on the 11 March 2017 at the Silk Mill in derby (STILL TO BE CONFIRMED)! We are however, working hard to confirm these details and will inform you before the end of November 2016.

We will be using the same rules as last year so please find the attached PDF. This also includes pictures of the competition surfaces to ensure you are fully aware of what to expect on the day.

The event is now live for registrations via the IET website, so please start registering if you would like to participate next year. Link below:

We understand that you may want to wait for a confirmed date and venue before sending us the participant pack so we have set the return date for this in January and we will confirm the final details in the coming weeks.

Draft Participants Pack

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Birmingham City University Techfest 2017

Birmingham City University are set to run their seventh annual Techfest at the City Centre Campus, Millennium Point, Birmingham. On Saturday 24 June 2017, the University will be host to a celebration of technology, engineering and science.

As with previous events there will be a variety of activities during the day which is expected to include robotics contests for mini-sumo, line-followers, wall-followers, drag-racers and, of course, the UK international micromouse contest.

Students will have projects on display and there will be support from professional bodies and commercial sponsors.

You can get full details and register for the contests (it is free) at the Birmingham City University Techfest site:

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BCU Robofest 2016


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Maze File Archive

Over the years, I have collected a good number of micromouse mazes. Some of these are from previous contests, some are just odd test mazes. All are for the 16×16 classic micromouse contest and all are, as far as I know, legitimate mazes with a valid start cell and goal area. Here is a link to the archives collection.
Read about the file format and grab the archive

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Disaster averted or delayed?

A bit of routine maintenance on the maze code for my micromouse turned into a possible real problem that has been waiting to surface for years now. In spite of running much the same flooding and path generating code since my first successful mouse many years back, I now discover it could have failed on complex mazes. Continue reading

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