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Pushing the button on Primus

The next stage in testing the Primus hardware is to make sure the buttons are working.Building on Primus 1, the button hardware is tested in the simplest possible way. Calling the readButton() function sets a number of exported variables indicating the button status.These are tested inside a loop in the main program. The UP and… Read More »

A new mouse is born

I finally have a primus mouse built and ready to test. All the bits are there and the processor runs up and can be programmed. Here are a few pictures to get you in the mood.By placing the components on three separate boards, each is relatively simple to build and test. Notice that everything is… Read More »

Primus pin functions

The Primus micromouse will use the dsPIC30F4011 processor from microchip. It has plenty of power and resources for just about any micromouse and is relatively easy to get and use. Here is a list of the proposed functions for each processor pin on the controller board dsPIC30F4011 Pin Functions for Primus Pin Functions Primus (NOKIA… Read More »