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Sensor Data Analysis

By | August 4, 2007

Micromouse sensors are subject to several sources of error and interference. Capturing a set of data samples lets you do some simple analysis of the effects of those errors.The test rig was set up with a section of wall placed at about 50mm from the sensors. This gives a large reading where noise and interference… Read More »

Sensor test

By | August 1, 2007

The simple sensor circuit described by Ng Beng Kiat seems to give the best results.On his web site ( Beng Kiat describes Min4, one of his recent mice. In there is a PDF with schematics for the mouse. The sensor circuit for Primus is essentially the same except for a couple of component value changes.… Read More »

Starter mouse dimensions

By | July 11, 2007

The maze has dimensions fixed by the competition rules. Further, the mouse is limited to a maximum size of 250mm x 250mm. When the competition was devised, this was a fairly significant constraint. in these days of tiny processors with everything on board and handy, small, batteries, it makes sense, even for the beginner, to… Read More »