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An STM32F4 Project Template for Crossworks

When developing for the STM32F4, setting up a new project can be a pain. Without some kind of wizard or configuration tool, there are always loads of obscure settings that have to me made each time. The easiest way around … Continue reading

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Using USART1 on the STM32F4Discovery

While it was very good of ST to make the fantastically inexpensive and versatile STM32F4Discovery board, they have made things a little difficult in the choice of peripherals in places.

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Quadrature encoders with the STM32F4

Most commonly, the speed and direction of the motors in a micromouse or other small robot will be read from quadrature encoders connected to the drive train. One of the great things about the STM32F4 processor is that it can … Continue reading

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Open Source STM32 Book

Lucky students at Indiana University might like to enrol on the [C – H]335 Computer Structures course run by Geoffrey Brown. If they do, they will be treated to a great introduction to the STM32 processor. The lab manual for … Continue reading

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An Improved Bit Banding Approach

The commonly published approach to using the bit banding feature of the Cortex Mx family of processors is to use macros – see Bit Banding in the STM32. This post describes an alternate implementation that uses a dedicated RAM section … Continue reading

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GCC ARM Embedded Toolset

If you are taking the DIY approach to coding for the ARM processors, you probably use the GCC ARM embedded toolset. This is available from a number of places. I just came across another distribution of this ARM toolset. One … Continue reading

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uKOS – A real-time operating system

Edo Franzi is the designer of the famous Khepera Robot. He first developed uKOS, a multi-tasking OS for the 68k processors, as part of that project. uKOS was subsequently re-written in C and is now available, as uKOS-II, for a … Continue reading

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Determine STM32 reset source

When your STM32 processor starts up from a reset, there are a number of possible sources for that reset. You may want to perform different initialisations depending on the exact source of the reset.

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Decimus 4 Begins

It has been more than two years since I promised myself that I would move on and build a new micromouse using the STM32 processor. Finally, I have done something about it. The new mouse is Decimus 4.

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Adding DMA to the SPI driver with the STM32F4

Sending data over SPI with the STM32 using polling is simple and reliable but your processor is blocked, unable to do anything else until the transfer is complete. Direct Memory Access (DMA) allows you to initiate a transfer of a … Continue reading

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