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Decimus hardware fix

It was all getting too awkward. A bit of short sighted design on my part had the Nokia LCD sharing an SPI port with the motor encoders. This meant that I had to turn off the encoders to write to … Continue reading

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SPI data transfers

I use SPI  on my micromouse both to talk to the Nokia graphical LCD and to talk to the LS7366 quadrature encoders. A large number of devices can be connected to the SPI data lines, MOSI and MISO. Each device … Continue reading

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LCD testing for Decimus

Having installed the LCD, it was time to get the code working for it. First I realised that it may not have been so clever to put the LCD on the same SPI port as the encoders. This will mean … Continue reading

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LCD screen for Decimus

Probably the last part to be added to Decimus will be the Nokia 3410 LCD screen. Nearly all of my mice have these either permanently fitted or attached by a simple socket so they can be removed. With a resolution … Continue reading

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Adding a timer and the graphical LCD

This is a fairly big jump. With the LEDs and buttons tested, it is time to add the main graphical display, made from a Nokia cellphone display. Also, there is the main system timer event. The simple user IO is … Continue reading

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